UCSF Software License Agreement - Software License Terms

If you are a UCSF faculty member, staff person, student or other affiliate and you would like to purchase or renew a software license through Research Software Licensing, please submit the information requested below. The recharge payment information that is entered will be forwarded to the billing contact person for approval unless that person is also the license holder or user. Once your license has been approved, you'll receive an email message with either renewal or new installation instructions.
License Terms
a. The user's use of the specified software is governed by the license agreement between software developer and the UC Regents;
b. The specified software is the copyrighted property of software developer and contains trade secrets of the developer. The user shall not access the specified software source code by reverse engineering, decompiling or any other means;
c. The user will not modify the specified software;
d. Title to the specified software remains with the software developer at all times;
e. The user's license is non-exclusive, non-assignable, and non-transferable;
f. The user will install authorized software products on authorized hardware and operating systems only;
g. The user will use the specified software for UCSF-related projects only and will not use it for any commercial or profit-making purposes whatsoever;
h. The user will not permit copying or access to the specified software by any non-University party and any duplicated media the user receives from the University is the property of the University;
i. The user agrees to return the specified software to the University and destroy any copies of the specified software if no longer an employee of the University of California or if UCSF discontinues the specified software license.